IPR, Patent and Trademarks

Whether you are an individual or a multi-national company, our law firm provide your respective side with instant response and effective representation to protect your inventions or designs or trademarks globally.

In light of the International Treaty of Patents, our Law Firm enables its selective clients to seek protection for their patents in nearly all countries, through submitting of certain international applications in one language and in fees payable in one currency. The international treaty concerned with protecting patents postpones major costs related to the protection of international patent and provides solid foundation for accrediting patents,which is clearly utilized by international companies, think tanks, and universities.

In compliance with the international mechanisms concerned with regulating intellectual property, the Hague statute enables the registration of industrial designs in different countries with minimum amounts of costs and procedures. The Hague statute replaces several recordings with only one that enables the registration of one hundred industrial designs, via one application only, which facilitates the management of registered designs, constraining changes or amendments, by using only one procedure.