Cybercrimes and Cyber Security Department

Our legal services safeguard most areas of business related to Cybercrimes and Cyber Security sectors the Law Firm’s legal empowerment capacity and its professional expertise in providing legal protection for customers, investors, users, and even employees of those sectors. Accumulated expertise of our professional staff and partners in handling due diligence for clients is due to their international, academic, and professional exposure, in addition to regional and international collaborations with various stakeholders.

In accordance with Kuwaiti Law No. 63, of year 2015, concerned with Cybercrimes and relevant international procedures, Alraeda Law Firm is pleased to provide the following:
• Furnishing full support to victims subjected to harassment or extortion on the internet;
• Documenting various types of internet violations and categorizing them on a legal basis; and
• Filing and litigating penal proceedings and civil claims for compensation.

Legal services in the area of Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Department are delineated as:

• Communications,
• Social Media Applications and Tools,
• Electronic Marketing,
• Confidentiality of Data and Cybersecurity, and
• Sourcing Electronic Transactions.