Capital Market and Stocks

ALRAEADA has accumulated legal expertise in the handling of various stakeholders working in the area of Capital Markets and stocks that enable us to have a clear vision of the importance of financial institutions as bases and pillars of the national and the global economic system. We have taken into account the existence of economic integration in different shapes such as; free trade zone, custom union, common market, full economic integration, and emerging economies.

The Research and Development Legislation Unit of the Law Firm is studying the factors and variables driving the domestic and the global economic process. At the same time, we extract pointers that illustrate the consecutive approach, possibilities, and scenarios, for amends that may occur on the legislative scene, discovery through studies carried out by the Unit.

The Law Firm provides a legal base for financial institution transactions, either in domestic or international markets. Where, in connection with finance, financial re-structuring and hiccups, nominal capital value and issued capital value, securities, stock companies, banking sector, funds, and donors, we are prepared to serve our clients.

ALRAEDA offers legal assistance programs on all levels and all stages of collaboration with regard to activities carried out by economic entities.