Investors and Corporates

The Law Firm grants investors and businessmen with unique legal services apart from those services provided by others in the state of Kuwait, as follow;

Establishing of Corporates

ALRAEDA tenders all required legal services, in regards to the above-mentioned sector of legal services, in accordance with the Kuwaiti Law No. 1 of year 2016, concerned with corporates.

Merge and Acquisition

With respect to handling financial constraints that confront corporates, the Law Firm supervises the merging process for some corporates, regardless of their financial interest in one entity, as well as, the acquisition of a partner of the biggest share of a corporate, as to avoid possible financial predicaments.

Corporate Governance

According to the executive bylaws of the Kuwaiti corporates law, our Law Firm provides up-to-date legal support primary to the obligatory compliance process of corporates involved in investments and the Stock Market.

Reconciliation of Corporates

ALRAEDA Law Firm ensures that the process of reconciliation is undertaken in compliance with Resolution No. 32 of Year 2016, concerned with reconciliation of investment corporates.

Structuring and Employment

ALRAEDA supervises all steps relevant to structuring of corporates and employment procedures, drafting and reviewing of employment contracts, insurances, pensions, and remunerations.

Formation of Administrative Boards and Selection of Executive mangers

ALRAEDA actively engages in the recording of sessions and writing of reports, according to CMA and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Trade and Industry.