ALRAEDA Law Firm provides its professional legal services in accordance with its expertise obtained from handling such areas of law practice, and its knowledge of the Islamic system adopted in Kuwait, as the base of the economic system and relevant taxes.

We have obtained adeep knowledge of USA Tax Law for Foreign Accounts (FATCA) that stipulates the declaration of USA Tax Department (IRS) for the existence of persons with unpaid taxes that exceed the limit of 50,000 US $. In these cases the US. State of Department shall annul or reject the renewal of passports for persons whom didn’t comply with the FATCA Law, as well as, our expertise in the major role played the US. Tax Office, located in the State of Kuwait.

In this context our Law Firm has concluded a series of collaboration protocols with various legal accounting and taxes firms, to provide our selective clients with unique services, with aim of not diverting their attention to searching for such a service providers.